Promoting Menstrual Equity & Ending Period Poverty

Advocacy, Action & Distribution


A menstrual equity movement combatting period poverty one period package at a time, through advocacy, action, and distribution.

Red Equity‘s mission is to serve as a guiding organization for people or entities passionate about ending period poverty, diminishing the stigma around menstruation, and promoting menstrual equity.

Red Equity fulfills this mission in the United States through three pillars

  • Advocacy – to diminish the stigma surrounding menstruation

  • Action – for systemic change on all levels: from local mandates to state-wide and federal legislation

  • Distribution – of period packages including products and tools for dignity

18-year-old Abbie McAdams (Freshman at the University of Denver studying International Studies and Public Policy) and 16-year-old Samantha Glover (rising Junior at Davidson Academy) started Red Equity to combat period poverty and promote menstrual equity. After being connected by a mutual friend and becoming aware of the severity of period poverty, the two looked for an organization to support; specifically, one combating period poverty without contributing to the nonprofit industrial complex and one that had inclusive and equitable access for advocates to get involved. They realized there were few organizations championing the three pillars now held by Red Equity: distribution of period products, advocacy for legislation, and conversational advocacy to end the stigma around menstruation. Red Equity is committed to implementing sustainable solutions to the inaccessibility of period products facing menstruators nation-wide.

Anyone can get involved with Red Equity by 1) supporting/donating to a product drive or attending a distribution day,  2) doing a period package project (less commitment than starting a branch, but still impacts one’s community with a short-lived project), or 3) starting a branch of Red Equity (includes upholding all 3 pillars – legislative, distribution, conversational.) We hope that Red Equity keeps evolving and gaining more advocates; we are confident these advocates help keep us accountable and bring new ideas. The TOP Organic Project is a wonderful example: check out TOP’s mission at and see why we work so closely with their team, to increase equity in the safety of our products. TOP is making our impact more sustainable with their organic products and their innovative intertwinement of social justice with profit.

With 25,000 products distributed in the first 4 months, 30,000 by 6 months, and 50,000 products by June, we are now nearing 100,000 products distributed to menstruators across the nation.

Reno (Nevada Branch) & Denver (Colorado Branch) – The two branches where Red Equity was founded.
San Diego (Southern California Branch)
Tulsa (Oklahoma Branch) as well as a DC Branch.

Board Members

Kari Eckert & Leticia Anderson

Our Team.

Executive Director & Co-Founder
Abbie McAdams (she/her)

Policy Director & Co-Founder
Samantha Glover (she/her)

Affiliate Program Director
Anna Sparling (she/her)

Director of Donations & Partnerships
Anika Obrecht (she/her)

Colorado Branch Director
Talia Cardin (they/them)

Nevada Branch Director
Carrie DeBarger (she/her)

Oklahoma Branch Director
Abigail Chow (she/her)

Southern California Branch Co-Director
Josie Butte

Ways to Help.

If you are interested in joining the fight to combat period poverty there are several ways you can help!

All products donated will go directly to the assembly of period packages, which contain all products needed for one menstrual cycle. These packages will be distributed to menstruators in the Reno community that are unable to access menstrual products due to socioeconomic or social reasons. *

Colorado donate here!

Washington DC donate here!

California donate here!

Oklahoma donate here!

Nevada donate here!

Select here to make a donation and help us continue our efforts!


We gladly welcome period products at our drop off location in Reno Nevada!

Address: The Holland Project located at ​140 Vesta St, Reno, NV 89502. [Map]

Not from Nevada, Colorado, Southern California, District of Columbia, or Oklahoma and want to make a direct impact on your community?

Start a Red Equity Period Package Project!

Creating and distributing period packages in your community is a great way to start combating period poverty! Before you begin creating these period packages, the first step of this process is to schedule a meeting with Red Equity’s executive team.

We are available on Sunday’s 8-9 P.M. EST. During this Zoom meeting, you will introduce yourself and team, describe your goals, determine a timeline for assembly and distribution of bags, and ask questions. Below is our guide that we provide to anyone interested in joining this project: creating packages with all the required materials needed for 1 menstrual cycle and distributing them to your community.

* Red Equity is a 501(c3) organization

Instagram: @redequity @redequityco @redequitynevada @redequitysocal @redequityok @redequitydc.

Menstrual Equity Coalition.

The Colorado Menstrual Equity Coalition was founded by Red Equity to streamline community organizing and social entrepreneurship to combat social issues while avoiding contributing, or further contributing, to the nonprofit industrial complex.
  • The Colorado Menstrual Equity Coalition is composed of educators, legislators, Non-profits, product companies, and many other advocates for menstrual equity.
  • Join the Coalition as a nonprofit or an individual stakeholder today! Attendance of monthly meetings and reports on ongoing menstrual equity efforts are encouraged from members.

Red Equity Logo

Red Equity’s Executive Director, Abbie McAdams, sits as Coalition Chair.

At Period Kits, it’s about health & dignity. Period.

The Pad Project

A period should end a sentence, not a girl’s education.®

BC4U is here to help. No telling, no judging, and everything is completely free.

Grace upon Grace Project

It is our dream at Grace Upon Grace Project to provide under-served families and infants diapers, wipes, and period products to live and grow with grace and dignity while addressing the roots of social inequities.

Representative Brianna Titone, Colorado General Assembly

Representative Brianna Titone, Colorado General Assembly

Coming Soon!

Founding Circle.

Red Equity’s Founding Circle includes donors, community partners, and those whose support makes our work possible. Their support allows us to continue ending Period Poverty and maintains the circular, cyclical, and catalytic promotion of menstrual equity. Red Equity, our team, and the communities we work with are eternally grateful for the members of our Founding Circle whose lifetime contributions meet or exceed $500. Their commitment ensures our work can continue.
  • Donations for Dignity

  • Nevada NOW

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Join The Founding Circle

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Red Equity’s mission is to serve as a guiding organization for people or entities passionate about ending period poverty, the stigma around menstruation and promoting menstrual equity.
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